Coalition for Education in the Solomon Islands.

The Coalition for Education Solomon Islands (COESI) is a coalition of non-government organizations dedicated to the advancement of educational opportunities for all Solomon Island citizens, especially those from marginalized and disadvantaged groups.

Welkam to COESI,

—— Joash Maneipuri, Board Chairman

Dear visitor, I would like to personally WELCOME you to COESI.

COESI aims to provide a focal point through which civil society can contribute to education policy debates; provide knowledge building awareness on the SDG4 agenda, targets, and indicators at the national level; to undertake research on education policy issues; to act as an information source for civil society organizations with an interest in education; to strengthen the capacity of its members, and civil society more broadly, and to participate actively and with authority in public debates on education in the Solomon Islands.

COESI Board Members


Education is for all,

Education is a right for all Solomon Islanders, no matter their (dis)ability, gender, age or financial circumstances.

Our Team.

Stats: 652,586.

  • 77% in rural areas, 41% under the age of 15
  • Net enrolment ratio: primary 92%, dropping to 38% at junior secondary
  • 2017 Education budget of SI$ 1.1 billion as % of total public expenditure: 22%
  • 2017 Education budget as % of nominal GDP: 13%
  • Ranked 152 out of 188 in the 2017 Human Development Index.  Life expectancy is 71 years
  • 25% of the population live below the poverty line
  • Only 19% of children complete 12 years of schooling (2005 cohort – 2017 leavers)
  • Current teacher-student ratio 1:24 primary, 1:31 secondary, Honiara 1:50+

SDG Goal #4.

Coalition for Education Solomon Islands (COESI) works at grassroots and national level, with other civil society organizations to advocate for  Sustainable Development Goal #4.

School Visitation

Schools we work with.

  • Busurata
  • Faiako
  • Kilusakwalo
  • St. John
  • Visale
  • San Isidro
  • St Nicholas