On Thursday 21st January 2021, COESI have a meeting with Joyline Taru and Tina Haiuru.They were members of teachers for life and former primary teachers. These two women were sharing some of the issues related to literacy in Solomon Islands and identified gaps that need consideration in improving literacy in the country.

  • Curriculum- Pacific series vs NGUZU NGUZU Pacific series has a wider knowledge and a high competition in level of achievement. NGUZU NGUZU limits our learning excel.
  • Teachers  training-Teacher’s college is where the content of the curriculum should be taught and enhance.Teachers to become wise and strong decision makers.
  • Recruitment process-Teaching is a profession where you can call to take responsibility holistically.
  • Teaching policy-The official language of instruction is English and teacher are encourage to speak or communicate in English
  • Parental support-The success of your children’s learning depends on your support as a parent.

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