On Wednesday, 8 September, hundreds of newly literate people gathered at Foubaba Community School in West Kwaio, to celebrate International Literacy Day. The days activities were organized by the Siesie Ward Literacy Programme. The programme, which has been a special project of LASI (Literacy Association of Solomon Islands) since 2017,  includes village communities from Sinasu to Loulana.

The highlight of the programme was the awarding of certificates to the students. More than 150 students; women, men and children proudly went forward to receive their certificates as their names were called. Each community literacy had prepared a short demonstration of their newly acquired skills.

Also in attendance were Blondie Akwasia and Hilda Waitahi from COESI (Coalition for Education Solomon Islands) with the Director of LASI (Literacy Association of Solomon Islands), Priscilla Maeniuta and Michael Saeni, LASI Training Coordinator were special guests at the event.