On Friday 28th June 2021, LASI and COESI staff were down at the two communities and give awareness to Sinasu and Osaania community in West Kwaio, Malaita province. The purpose of the awareness in consulting the two communtities to start a project for Early Childhood Education (ECE) for the community. The activities will involve parents and community participation in the teaching and learning process of their children. The teaching and learning resources will be developed in their own vernacular Kwaio. Also explained to the community the project is funded by Australia and New Zealand government with the agreement made with Solomon Islands government to support education in Solomon Islands. This project is managed by Education support sector programme (ESSP) and Coalition for Education Solomon Islands (COESI) working in Partnership with Literacy Association Solomon Islands (LASI) in implementing this project activity.

The chief of Osaania village was happy, Patrick Anigwaru and welcome the idea, and called on his people to support the project and they are agreed to work closely with LASI and COESI. Mothers, fathers and youths in the community are looking forward to part of these activities. Some of them have shared their testimonies on the experiences with the struggle they gone through with the education of their children and the youths as well.

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