On Friday 20th August 2021,COESI organised a forum with school leaders in Auki. Schools who attended the forum were Faiako community high school,Gwaigeo community high school,Kilusakwalo community high school,Aimela community high school,Townend community high school,Auki community high school,Sigitae low ,Busurata community high school and Representative from Sinasu in West Kwaio.

The forum COESI was presented a report on survey conducted in 2020.The study was title: Homeschooling in Solomon Islands ,How could it work? and conducted in total of 16 schools including Malaita ,Guadalcanal including Honiara. The survey was to determine the capacity of parents and schools to support students to homeschool, and discover the obstacles and difficulties the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development(MEHRD) might face in attempting to implement homeschool.

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